2017-2018 Contests and Contest Winners!

Hardin Valley Academy’s ‘Slip of the Pen’ literary magazine is more than just a publication… It’s a way of expressing each of our own creative minds into the world more further than just a closed notebook or a locked computer file. We not only strive to showcase the work of many students in our school, but we also like the challenge the minds of those artists to create something truly beautiful. Our contests range from simple to complex but with one shared goal…

Absolute Creativity!

2017 Contests & Winners

6 Word Story: 

1st Place- Brigit Golden “I miss you” Message not sent.

2nd Place- Paige Molloy “Ma’am,” the officer said, “I’m sorry.”

Black & White Contest:

1st Place – Destiny Lunsford

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2nd Place – McKenzie Patterson

McKenzie Patterson (2)


3rd Place – Alexyz Lewis

Alexyz Lewis

Reflections Contest:

1st place (Photography): Destiny Lunsford

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1st Place (Writing): Amber Brown

                    “Four Mirrored Years”

These years are gone,

Far too gone.

We must go soon,

Even though some may not.

Our past does not define us

But it has made us who we are;

These years are gone

Far too gone.


The first is barely a memory

As it stays a blur in our heads,

We thought we saw the future

But in fact we were blind to what was yet to come;

These years are gone

Far too gone.


Year two has come in an instant,

Where did the last year go?

Still so blind to the future,

As these years pass without fear.

These years are gone

Far too gone


Third time out of four

We’re a little more mature now.

Some are at their breaking point

While others are just starting to shine.

These years are gone

Far too gone


Last round is here already

We don’t even remember where the days went,

As our time comes to an end

We will soon realize what these years meant.


These years are gone,

And now it is time to move on.